Waste Management Scheme

The BID has embarked on a waste management scheme with Commercial Waste Supplier, NWH, to deal with the problem of fly-tipping on Saracen Street. Black bin bags piled high around public litter bins has become a daily problem, and not just an eyesore but a magnet for vermin.

In May 2021, we issued free commercial waste refuse sacks and labels to traders on Saracen Street. Through social media and newsletters, we offered an overview of how commercial waste operates and its legal framework to support local businesses in their management of commercial waste.

The cost of bulk buying bags can be very prohibitive to the small trader so the BID now buys in bulk and can therefore offer smaller purchases – including single bags and labels – to the small business owner.

All going well, we will begin to see a decline in black bin bags littering the street and where we do see them a more informed business community can target a response.

The BID works with other agencies in the area to provide a holistic approach in the management of commercial and domestic waste alongside fly-tipping. If you see anything untoward, let us know.

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