What a lot of rubbish…

The BID is rolling out a waste management programme with commercial supplier, Enva, to deal with the problem of commercial rubbish and fly-tipping on Saracen Street. We are working with other partners including Glasgow City Council, ng homes and Police Scotland and although we are seeing some improvements, there’s still a way to go.

A sorry sight… black bags and other dumped debris.

In the new year, we look forward to working with Glasgow City Council Enforcement Team who will be out and about on Saracen Street. If you don’t know what your responsibilities are in terms of commercial waste or you’re looking for refuse bags, do get in touch on 0774 0600084 or email on getinvolved@possilparkbid.co.uk as we can help!

Our help includes:

  • starter refuse sacks and labels to traders on Saracen Street;
  • an overview of how commercial waste operates and its legal framework; and
  • ongoing advice to support small traders with their waste responsibilities.
Poster from early stage of waste management campaign
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